People in today’s fast paced social media world have a lot of information to take in. There is so much information, people are forced to surf quickly. To quickly satisfy their appetites, their eyes focus in on images. Hence, there is immense value in producing quality images to be used with social media tools, such as WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Infographics have become a valuable tool in the social media marketplace.

What does it take to prepare an effective infographic? Key elements in preparing an infographic include a great concept, high quality images, good choice of words, and good design sense.

Do you need an Infographic designer to create beautiful sales and training pieces that tell your products’ stories? Karen LeBoulluec enjoys these types of projects and has developed and designed marketing materials for colleges, non-profits, and small and medium sized businesses.

Infographic Samples by KLeBoulluec
Karen LeBoulluec obtained an M.S. degree in E-Media Communications from Quinnipiac University in 2005. She enjoys working with non-profits, schools and businesses who need branding support. Her diverse working experience is ideal for completing projects efficiently. Some projects she has completed include videos, magazine/annual reports and identity systems (branding) design. Some of her previous employment has been with a fortune 500 company, state government, a prep school, and small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies.


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