New London’s First Schooner Fest ~ September 2013

New London has hosted the Sail Fest for many years and now is hosting the Schooner Fest.

On Saturday afternoon, I was down in the New London area and first stopped at Eastern Point Beach Park in Groton in anticipation of seeing some large schooners sailing down the Thames. When I arrived, I immediately saw several schooners approaching the mouth of the Thames from the Sound. They were coming in to set anchor in New London’s port. I took numerous photographs while seating on an outcropping of rocks.

Schooner Fest, New London, CT

People lined the shore of East Point Beach Park in Groton in anticipation of seeing some really nice schooners.

After about an hour and a half, I traveled over to Avery Point for a walk and saw many sail boats in the Sound. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the wind was perfect for sailing. Avery Point is a popular place to walk and the view of the Sound is outstanding.

As night approached, I drove in to New London to checkout the event activities and was entertained by colonial dancers and a band called the Ancient Mariners. The colonial dancers showed numerous English dances accompanied by an accordian player. The Ancient Mariner’s Fife and Drum Corp, which was formed in 1959, could be heard down a long boardwalk lined with many American Flags. As I approached the band, I was startled by a load canon which was fired. The large group of sea going men were very lively and rowdy. They sounded great and played for quit a while! It was now dark and cold and like the schooners now securely fastened to the dock, I was ready to return to my home.

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