Google Launches Web Designer – Build Interactive HTML5 Sites

Google launches its beta version of Web Designer, a Visual Tool, for making advertisements and websites for mobile devices and computers. Google says this tool will allow advertisers to create content driven ads. Advanced HTML and CSS coders can also manipulate code, as is available in other software packages. This program could be a viable competitor for those using Edge Animate and  Dreamweaver in the Adobe Creative Suite package.

Here is a list of the main features in Web Designer:

  1. Two animation modes
  2. Full 3D authoring environment
  3. Design view and code view
  4. Illustration tools
  5. Easy ad workflow

Google is offering the beta version free. I cannot wait to try it and follow its reviews.


Catvertising = Purrrr-fect Advertising

catvertisingFunny cat videos have become a huge success, thanks to YouTube. Now, advertising agencies have jumped onboard to offer clients Catvertising. They predict that 90% of all videos on the web by the year 2015 will be of cats. Take a look at their process ~

What do you think about Catvertising?

Adobe Creative Cloud: What is it? – Part 1

You have probably heard about Clouds, whether that be for Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, the sky, and others. I have started using Amazon’s Music Cloud, which I automatically became a member of by purchasing CDs from Amazon. It’s very convenient and I can access my Cloud’s songs on multiple devices including my Kindle. Some limitations are the amount of free space you are given and not all purchased CDs allow you to rip sound tracks to the Cloud. Now, I am thinking about taking the Adobe Creative Cloud plunge.

What is the Adobe Creative Cloud? It is a membership service you purchase through Adobe, which allows you to use their software applications on your computer to create publications, to edit photographs, to make videos, and more. The most popular creative tools include Photoshop and Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Flash Pro, and Dreamweaver. You can pay monthly or annually, or you still can buy the Creative Suite CS6. You are also able to share, sync, and store files on the Cloud. You are given 20MB storage space free.

Adobe Creative Cloud Overview

Adobe also provides training videos at Adobe TV and up-grades are provided immediately, compared to having to wait a few months to receive the up-grade after you pay for it. You can also promote your talents through a network with Behance and Pro-Site for an additional fee. Take a look at a preview of the Cloud.

As a designer, I use Adobe’s software everyday and my software is outdated. I am also taking video classes and will be using Premier soon, which I do not currently have on my computer. So, I would have to buy more programs and up-grades. To buy the entire CS6 Master Collection, it will cost $2,599.00. You can review a list of all the programs in the Master Collection by clicking here. And, we all know software companies like to up-grade their programs for an additional cost. So, do I license the Cloud or Master Suite CS6?

If you’re fortunate enough to work for a company that keeps their Adobe software up-graded for their employees to complete projects, then you’re all set. If you own your own business, this is a business expense. But, if you’re not a student able to use the Cloud at a reduced introductory rate of $19.99 per month, than you’ll have to pay $49.99 per month. If you have bought CS3-CS6 packages before, you can up-grade to the Creative Cloud for $29.99 a month for a year.  That’s not cheap, unless you consider the cost of purchasing the programs you need.

There have been reviews of the Creative Cloud, which can help to direct your decision. In Digital Arts online, the article “Creative Cloud Review” by Neil Bennett was published in June 2013 and it gives suggestions concerning who should up-grade to the Creative Cloud depending on profession. For example, photographers may only need to use Photoshop CC and Lightroom, so they may only need to license a few programs. However, multi-media professionals would benefit greatly from using the Cloud. Another review by Wired Magazine discusses how unhappy customers are in the article “Unhappy Customers Want to Parachute From Adobe’s Creative Cloud” by Klint Finley. Customers are up set, since Adobe will not be offering some of the new programs, like the web design program Muse, available in the Cloud to regular licensed packages. They view Adobe’s attitude as, go with the Cloud or lose out, and there is a time limit to take advantage of the “Jump into the Cloud”.

I hope you have found this article interesting and helpful to guide your decision.  Review a comparison chart of the Creative Cloud versus the Master Collection CS6. This article will be continued in Part 2, Taking the Plunge. In this blog post, I will share my experience using the Creative Cloud.

What This Blog is About

KL-FAIRI enjoy taking advantage of all the offerings in New England whether that be going for a hike, the theater or a fair. On this blog, I will be utilizing my writing, photography, and video skills to create interesting posts about activities I take part in. I am also interested in nature and wildlife, so I will be adding links to videos and stories on this blog for everyone’s entertainment!

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New London’s First Schooner Fest ~ September 2013

New London has hosted the Sail Fest for many years and now is hosting the Schooner Fest.

On Saturday afternoon, I was down in the New London area and first stopped at Eastern Point Beach Park in Groton in anticipation of seeing some large schooners sailing down the Thames. When I arrived, I immediately saw several schooners approaching the mouth of the Thames from the Sound. They were coming in to set anchor in New London’s port. I took numerous photographs while seating on an outcropping of rocks.

Schooner Fest, New London, CT

People lined the shore of East Point Beach Park in Groton in anticipation of seeing some really nice schooners.

After about an hour and a half, I traveled over to Avery Point for a walk and saw many sail boats in the Sound. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the wind was perfect for sailing. Avery Point is a popular place to walk and the view of the Sound is outstanding.

As night approached, I drove in to New London to checkout the event activities and was entertained by colonial dancers and a band called the Ancient Mariners. The colonial dancers showed numerous English dances accompanied by an accordian player. The Ancient Mariner’s Fife and Drum Corp, which was formed in 1959, could be heard down a long boardwalk lined with many American Flags. As I approached the band, I was startled by a load canon which was fired. The large group of sea going men were very lively and rowdy. They sounded great and played for quit a while! It was now dark and cold and like the schooners now securely fastened to the dock, I was ready to return to my home.

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