Lighting the Way

Karen LeBoulluec, M.S., has 16 years professional design, writing, photography and video experience. She also enjoys being a project manager and consulting with clients.

As a designer and project manager, she has produced many publications, identity systems and websites for small and medium sized businesses. She has also worked for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch designing and preparing publications, and redesigning several department websites with an IT team.

She has used social media since 2006 and is available to teach groups about these tools and how to use them for marketing services and products. She also enjoys producing videos. Group video productions with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection include the Connecticut Airline State Park Trail and a Paint Care Series.

If you like cupcakes, watch the video Karen produced with a group of college students to learn about NoRA Cupcake Company’s “Sweet Success” ~ visit their store on Main Street in Middletown, Connecticut.

NoRA Cupcake Co. at Coventry Farmers Market

NoRA Cupcake Company’s Sweet Success.


2 thoughts on “Lighting the Way

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    • Thank you for expressing your interest in the controversial Adobe Creative Cloud service offering. I will be up-dating news about the Creative Cloud as it becomes available. Join my twitter account for quicker up-dates @KarenPromo911

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